MoreNiche runs a unique operating system called the ‘Team of teams’ (or ToT for short). This collaborative and inclusive approach to working and solving problems allows us to throw out the traditional command-and-control (top down) organisational structure and do things our own way. 

Core Principles
Our Team of Teams is built on five core principles, freedom, empowerment, mutual respect and a deep trust for our people.
How do our teams (startups) function? Learn about team charters and how do they work,  see how teams interact.
Tribes are groups of team members who share a common role or skill. These special interest groups cross all teams (startups).
We don’t walk, we Sprint. Our entire ecosystem works in weekly sprints enabling us to be agile and adapt quickly.
Imagine the entire ecosystem swarming to work on your startup, delivering what might otherwise take months.
Feedback Loops
We are constantly evolving, improving, adapting. We do this with strong feedback loops and regular retrospection. 
If you enjoy being micromanaged and ordered around, then MoreNiche is not the place for you.