As one of the most important quotes in business goes “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” (Peter Drucker) and with one of our core values being We Evolve or Die, it is critical we are constantly taking a pulse of how we are doing. 

However with a flat, managerless operating system how does that work?

Why feedback is important

With no managers, which in traditional organisations would be responsible for tracking individual performance and even performing the dreaded ‘appraisals’, how do you know if you are doing a good job?

Feedback is critical, it is important that we know when we are doing a great job and if our teammates appreciate the effort we are putting in. When there are areas of improvement, it’s important we are made aware, only then can we strive to evolve. 

Good news! The ToT operating system allows for much, much, more feedback than traditional structures. 

How we collect feedback

As we don’t have managers but feel feedback is critical to our personal, team and company growth we had to think outside the box.

We collect feedback in many different ways, here are just some of the ways:

Sprint retrospectives

Each week as part of our sprints each team members completes the sprint feedback (a shared google sheet)

This allows us to reflect and adjust quickly and live our core value, we evolve or die

We answer the following 5 questions:

  • Yippee – What went well this week?
  • Opps – What went less well?
  • Lightbulbs – Any key learnings or takeaways?
  • Questions – What are you unsure about / have questions about?

During the call we go over all the questions which were raised. We attempt to answer all questions in real time, this gives a level of transparency and understanding as to why we are doing things in a certain

Some questions are an opportunity to have a controlled (due to time) debate.

To keep the call down to less than one hour we do not go through the whole document, but we ask that everybody review the feedback in their own time. 

Peer-to-Peer (Values) Feedback

Welcome to ‘peer’ feedback. This is where everybody provides feedback to one another and it fits perfectly with our ToT system. In traditional systems you may have one perspective (often a very limited view with, biases and situational influence), with MoreNiche we collect many different points of feedback.

We use a system of micro feedback, which are lots of little bits of data, when aggregated over time this compound into powerful analytics.

You will be asked a simple question each week for each team you are a member. This micro feedback takes just seconds to complete.

For example, a question may be asked:

Your teammates keep everything simple and do not over complicate work (0 - 5).

This data is then stored alongside everybody’s feedback. Now this is where the compounding effect starts to work:


Average team size: 4
Number of teams: 8
Questions per team per week: 1

This would produce 24,960 individual bits of feedback per year.

We also allow team members to provide direct feedback to one another, this helps us all co-elevate.

Direct Feedback

If you would like to provide direct feedback to somebody on your team you can. Direct feedback comes in two forms:

  • Motivational (80%) – This is praise for somebody doing a good job. It is critical we recognize people in the business for their contribution, especially when helping out another team member.  80% of your feedback should be motivational.

  • Developmental (20%) – This is constructive feedback designed to help a team member improve the work that they are doing. When providing developmental feedback please remember this quote from Neale donald walsch “Speak your truth but soothe your words with peace”. 20% of your feedback should be developmental.  

If you would like to learn more about giving feedback, this video is a helpful resource: Webinar: Creating a resilient feedback culture

Coming soon...

We are currently working on building more feedback loops into our business, this section will be updated soon.