If you enjoy being micromanaged, being ordered around and need to be told what to do, then MoreNiche is not the right place for you. 

We prefer to co-elevate, collaborate and help each other to achieve collective greatness. We have a deep belief that everybody wants to do good work. We place huge trust in our teammates. 

Our ecosystem works for people with a huge amount of inner drive, ambitions to better themselves and a desire to chase your personal dreams.

Everybody at MoreNiche is expected to be a leader and although nobody is going to tell you what to do, there are people and processes in place to help you succeed. 


We are building a strong mentorship culture, we want to facilitate co-elevation and continual learning. To ensure success in our ecosystem, team members work with multiple mentors to help them thrive. See more details here.

How do we make decisions?

As a managerless ‘flat-enough’ system it can be hard to understand how decision authority is managed.

Organisational wide decisions

Decisions which impact the entire company (or multiple teams collectively) which no team has taken responsibility for, will be made by our CEO (or whom he has delegated certain responsibility to). Our CEO has a number of tools at his disposal to ensure good decisions are being made, they include:

  • Owls “Strategy” team
  • External advisors, coaches & partners
  • CEO Q&A sessions
  • One-2-One conversations
  • Company wide workshops / conversations
  • Company wide retrospectives

Ecosystem wide change can come from anybody, they simply reach out to Andy Slack who will collaborate to help explore the idea and help make it happen.

Team decisions

Decisions which impact one team or anything “they own” (see Team Charters) will be made by that team. Teams will discuss important decisions jointly and the team lead will ultimately make the final decision.

Smaller decisions which sit inside each team members “ownership” within the team should be made by individual team member, always with the best interest of the team and the ecosystem in mind. 

Note: If it sits within a teams ownership, they do not need to seek approval outside the team for decisions of any size

They only questions the team needs to ask is “Will it help us achieve our goals?” and “Will it help you deliver better results?” If yes, then don’t delay, jump in and drive things forward.

Individual decisions

Any decisions which only impact yourself or an area you have agreed to take “ownership” for, should be made by yourself. You don’t need permission to make decisions which sit inside your competency and which the team have agreed you own.

You may choose to run ideas past anybody in the business you feel can help you make a more informed decision and your mentors are on hand if you are unsure.

How do you know if you are doing a good job?

In our managerless ecosystem you have many ways to evaluate if you are contributing and adding value to your teammates. Ask yourself: 

  1. Are you completing actions you have committed too on time?
  2. Are the teams you are involved in hitting their success metrics?
  3. Is your peer to peer feedback on track?
  4. Are you getting positive direct feedback?
  5. Are you improving your skills and developing personally?