Core Principles

We run a unique operating system called the ‘Team of teams’ (or ToT for short). This collaborative and inclusive approach to problem solving allows us to throw out the traditional command-and-control (top down) organisational structure and do things our own way. 

  • We are team-shaped (see core values). This means it is your duty to share your own knowledge, absorb new knowledge from the people around you, and always work with the goal of your team and MoreNiche in mind.
  • Teams are no bigger than seven people – We believe small, cross functional, agile teams will outperform larger teams anytime. See Teams for more details. 
  • Team members have the freedom to work on the things they love and are most passionate about. You decide how you can add the most value and where you want to commit your time. This means that you choose the team/s you want to be part of, the work you want to commit to within that team, and you take ownership of fulfilling your chosen commitments to your team/s.  
  • Teams are empowered to collectively decide, set and achieve their own goals and objectives, and decisions within teams are reached collaboratively. Team success relies upon communication, collaboration and cooperation, shared problem solving and working together towards a shared goal.
  • We respect, trust and believe in each other’s skills, expertise and knowledge. We are open to and respectful of each other’s differing perspectives, and we trust that opinions and decisions are always made with positive intent. Because the right thing for MoreNiche is always at the forefront of our minds.

Our Team of Teams structure means every team member is empowered – and expected – to take ownership of their own destiny. Team members are completely free to leave teams they feel they are no longer adding value to or no longer wish to participate in.   

At MoreNiche, we believe that if you are passionate and you have the right conditions and resources at your disposal, you can achieve whatever you want to achieve.  We work hard to build and nourish an ecosystem where everyone feels empowered to make decisions, where anyone can step up and be a leader, and where everyone can do amazing things.

What our ToT OS is not

Alongside understanding what our ToT OS is, It is equally important to understand what it is not, this should help ensure there are no misunderstandings.

  • A completely flat structure – We have no aspirations to be flat for flats sake, our aspirations are to be Team-Shaped. This means we solve problems collectively. We don’t see a need for managers, only leaders. Everybody is encouraged to be a leader. Mentors and team leads are not selected based on any form of hierarchy but instead based on drive and hunger to deliver results.
  • A consensus based organisation – We value everyone’s input and often debate decisions as a team, we also seek to make the right decisions in the right teams for the good of MoreNiche. Every team has a team lead who are ultimately responsible for the success of that team. Each team also has a team charter, showing clearly what the team ‘owns’ and they are free to make ALL decisions relating to them.