One of the most powerful tools in our ecosystem are our swarms. This is when our entire ecosystem focus on one project for 1-2 sprints. This is over 1,500 man hours per week and enable us to complete a goal which would normally take most startups months to do. 

How do we choose what to swarm around?

All of our startups will benefit from our swarms at one time or another.  It’s amazing how much work we can get done when our entire ecosystem turns their focus to one opportunity or challenge.

The size of a challenge or opportunity must be sufficient enough to get everybody involved. A large amount of planning is required before a swarm can take place. Startups should have one big goal and enough tasks in their backlog to facilitate a weeks (or two) worth of work.

Our support team work directly with startups to help them prepare for a swarm, ensuring maximum value is achieved. 

Who is involved in a swarm?

Everybody! Not only will all team members across all teams and tribes get involved but also our connected partners.

This will include: Software Development, Social media, SEO, CRO, Paid, Email, Copy, Design, Partnerships, Finance, Research, Strategy, Marketplaces, PR, Content, Influencers, Affiliates, Translations, Customer Service, Dev Ops, Planning and so much more.

What results can you expect during a swarm?

A lot! Typically we see around 3 months of work crammed into a single week. In past sprints we have achieved:

  • Full brand launches
  • Technology MVPs created
  • New features developed and released
  • Websites from concept to launch