Emily Earle

I grew up in a small village in Staffordshire and lived there all of my childhood with my parents, older brother, and younger sister. When I turned 18 I moved to Derby to study Graphic Design at university and ended up living there for 7 years after meeting my partner, Jake, who is from Derby himself. Despite studying design, I landed my first job in the digital marketing field, which I ended up really enjoying! I began working as an SEO assistant, before moving into the affiliate channel on the merchant side and eventually joining MoreNiche on the network side in 2015. In 2017, after working and saving hard for a couple of years, Jake and I purchased our first house together and moved to Swadlincote. In 2018 we tied the knot and have since welcomed the newest member of our family, Bruno, a gorgeous blue staffy.

Question & Answer

Why did you want to work at MoreNiche?

When I applied for a job at MoreNiche it was clear this company was the polar opposite of my previous job, which was very corporate, stringent rules, no freedom, and old-fashioned thinking. I wanted to join MoreNiche because they were clearly an open-minded, ambitious, and flexible company with lots of things in place to reward employees, which was refreshing to see.

What are your top 3 (e)sports / wellness activities?

Yoga, Swimming and walking with the dogs

How old do you feel?

24 – that’s when I stopped counting!

What's the craziest thing you have ever done?

During my Duke of Edinburgh expedition, we found ourselves scrambling down a very steep hill in the middle of a forest. We couldn’t find the ‘path’ we were supposed to follow so detoured off on our own route. We had to zig-zag our way down the very steep hill, sliding on our bums and grabbing the closest tree for safety. At one point we managed to drop one of our rucksacks and watched the contents of the bag roll down the hill at speed. When we got to the bottom and looked back up we couldn’t believe we’d been crazy enough to attempt the descent and it could have quite easily gone wrong!

What is your most used emoji?

? and ?

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?