Frans Lelivelt

I grew up in a small town in the Netherlands, only a short cycle ride away from what might just be the best city in the world: Nijmegen. That’s where I spent most of my time growing up, and it’s where I went to school and later on to university (BA in English, MA in American Studies).

My two main interests? History and the written word. My friends always say I write books and tell stories instead of just sending a quick message (the 250-word limit for this bio is slowly killing me on the inside). The history bit is inspired by my dad, dragging us on detours while on holiday to visit the sites of old battles while uttering his catch-phrase “this place has seen some heavy fighting”.

When I was 19 I went interrailing through Europe with a few mates, sparking my love for travelling. This passion would take me from celebrating NYE in Ukraine to making it to Moldova’s national news, from backpacking through South America for a year to living in Dortmund: the place where I would meet my girlfriend Charlie.

She moved back to Nottingham to finish her studies and after a while of doing long-distance – and me falling in love with Notts and the Brits – I managed to find MoreNiche: and so my move to the island was a fact!

What else? Cycling, swimming, hiking, cooking (vegetarian, often vegan, but this Dutch guy needs cheese in his life), reading, and so much more…

Question & Answer

Why did you want to work at MoreNiche?

Because it sounded like a great opportunity, like a professional challenge working at an affiliate marketing agency, but most of all a fun and friendly team to be part of!

What are your top 3 (e)sports / wellness activities?

Cycling, swimming, travelling

How old do you feel?

Somewhere in my early twenties

What's the craziest thing you have ever done?

Probably mountain biking down Death Road, the “most dangerous road in the world”, in Bolivia. Although cycling 160 kilometres on an old city bike from Dortmund to Nijmegen was more painful and maybe just as crazy…

What is your most used emoji?


If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?

I want to fly like an eagle (a really fast eagle)