Rachel Romero

I moved to Nottingham to study English Literature at University but quickly discovered that the academic side of Uni life wasn’t for me. Much as I love reading books, I don’t really enjoy writing essays about them afterwards! So I dropped out of Uni and entered the world of work. After a few years of bar work and coffee shop work I spent several years working for credit card company Capital One before being made redundant in 2008. I then got myself a job working in a small team providing sales and customer support for a range of different products which also happened to be in an affiliate network called MoreNiche. Some of those products are still in the network today! A couple of years later I made the jump from the customer support company over to MoreNiche where I’ve been ever since.

In 2016 I escaped the grey skies of England and moved to sunny Mallorca with my partner Andrew and our four fur-babies (two dogs and two cats). Our new house came with a bonus stray cat who I’ve looked after ever since. I’ve been told I’m not allowed any more animals, but as I volunteer at a local animal shelter walking dogs and looking after cats… you never know!

I’m a voracious reader and I buy books faster than I can read them… is there some kind of support group for book addiction?!

Question & Answer

Why did you want to work at MoreNiche?

Why wouldn’t I want to work at MoreNiche?! MoreNiche is unlike any other company I’ve ever worked for. It’s about as far from corporate as you can get. I love its laid back, but hard-working vibe. The flexibility to work where you want, when you want, and the generosity with benefits and opportunities is amazing. It’s because of MoreNiche and it’s supportive, you can be anything you want to be attitude that I found my passion for copy and became a copywriter. Working at MoreNiche never gets boring, and the people are awesome. When you’re a MoreNicher, you’re part of a family.

What are your top 3 (e)sports / wellness activities?

Weight training (when I can be bothered), Reading, Sleeping

How old do you feel?


What's the craziest thing you have ever done?

A gruelling 3 month body transformation in 2017 culminating in a professional gym photoshoot. It involved me moving back to Nottingham for 2 months, training twice a day, 6 days a week and eating very little. I dropped 5kg and 6% body fat. Pretty crazy!

What is your most used emoji?


If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?

To be able to talk to animals. I find myself wondering at least several times a day what on earth goes on inside my dog Bowie’s head!